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Local Roots, International Insight

Raised in gorgeous Victoria, BC, Canada, I’ve lived in Toronto, Sydney, Taipei and Whistler and travelled to many other countries. Throughout my adventures, always, well-placed words unite people, compel groups, drive action and build community.   

I feel a quick, quiet thrill in the correct arrangement of words. The one key of thousands turning the lock with that particular click. Words are my tools. Let me listen, learn, ask questions and listen again. And then? I write for you. From piece work to large scale projects to ongoing monthly retainers, I'm your writer.

Recent writing:

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Douglas Magazine: Wheely Clean

EAT Magazine: The Cheese and Meat Festival, Creatives Collaborate

Rad-ish!: go wild in the city

YAM Magazine: The Plastic Detox

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Elements of My Style

Different hats I've worn well: 

  • Contributing writer

  • Copywriter

  • Content specialist

  • Grant Associate

  • Marketing Manager

A diplomatic and effective communicator, I’ve worked independently and as part of a team. I pride myself on my ability to collaborate as a proactive, positive and well-liked team member. My careful listening leads to thoughtful questions and deeper digging so copy is meticulous, compelling, on point and on time.